Research Sites

Cuvelai-Etosha Basin, Namibia
Kalahari sediments, plenty of deep rooting plants, semi-arid, water-limited, many snakes, friendly locals, almost always water shortage, hand-dug wells.
Estacion Experimental Forestal Horizontes (EEFH), Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Main site for methodological development in Isodrones. Plenty of water over a short period of time followed by six months without rain. Up to 40 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Many rare and protected tree species.
Reserva Biologica (ReBAMB), Costa Rica
Tropical climate, shallow soils, steep slopes, plenty of precipitation, snakes, clayey soil, volcanic bedrock
Rosinedal Scots Pine Forest, Sweden
Scots Pines, moss, cranberries, sand, pioneer experiment on insitu-methods for trees and soils, baptism of kakfagel.