New Project Scientific Communication

The image of the boring scientist sitting in his laboratory, his best friend the lab rat, or behind his computer 15 h/day sticks to many people and many documentaries have somewhat manifested this perception of scientists to the public.

In this Science Communication Project we want to show how the life of a scientist really is. Our aim is to provide an authentic and non-masked view of our young research team and a generation of scientists who try to balance life and science. For a period of two years we will be supported by a graphic designer and social media managers who will document our achievements, worries, struggles, but also the fun times traveling, solving problems, and the sometimes ‘scary’ discrepancy between science and the ‘real’ life that we as field scientists experience on a regular basis.

We will be vlogging, we will produce high quality imagery, we will create 360° videos. The highlight of the campaign: A short series on one of our longer field campaigns. For this, we work together with an experienced graphic designer ( and a social media manager.

Check for ‘Isodrones Project’ on Instagram, Facebook and other social media and follow us from inside our brains to field sites around the world and see how fun science can be! 😉

Mati, Kathi, Malkin & Alberto

Matthias Beyer
Matthias Beyer
Research Group Leader at TUBS, Fellow of the Volkswagen Foundation, Boardsports-fanatic