Maren is Mentor of “Isodrones” and lecturer/senior scientist at the Chair of Ecophysiology, University of Freiburg, Germany. She is a plant ecologist and ecophysiologist by training, but was fascinated by soil-plant-atmosphere exchange processes early on in her career.
She conducts research on ecophysiological and ecohydrological responses to environmental changes in ecosystems ranging from Mediterranean woodlands, humid forests and grasslands. Flux measurements and stable isotope analysis from leaf to ecosystem scale are among her major research tools, but are complemented by plant community, biodiversity and structural analysis.
During her PhD she mainly focused on plant-atmosphere feedbacks, disentangling net ecosystem fluxes of carbon and water. After finishing her PhD, she became more and more involved in ecohydrological plant-soil feedbacks. Currently, her particular focus is on ecohydrological soil - vegetation feedbacks impacting the ecosystem water balance and in particular vegetational water use as well as soil water storage.

In her private life, she is married and about to expect her first child. She equally enjoys a good read as well as swimming, preferentially in the sea, or hiking.

Matthias on Maren: “Maren is a great person and an excellent researcher. I couldn’t be happier to be mentored by her. She knows soo much and is happy to share it, but also willing to discuss if one doesn’t agree. Lots of fun with her in the field as well, as she always has a lot interesting to tell 😉.”