Malkin Gerchow

Malkin Gerchow

Adding the ‘drones’ to ‘Isodrones’, solving the mystery of deep roots with the latest drone tech.

After his master thesis about “Deep Learning Based Stereo Depth Estimation with Application to Laser Microsugery” at the Leibniz University Hanover Malkin joined the Isodrone team in July 2018. During his studies he focused on non-linear systems & control theory as well as service robotic and autonomous systems. Adding additional engineering background to the team, his assignment is to bridge the research results of Kathrin and Matthias on the ground to remotely sensed information, mainly:

Is it possible to identify above-ground indicators for deep rooting strategies of plants?

This also includes the development of a mechatronic system capable of taking samples from trees.

Can drones be utilized for remote sample collection (leaves, branches) from trees?

Ideally, the newly developed systems would allow to identify the impact of deep roots to larger spacial scales, i.e. from a few trees to the forest scale.

In his free time Malkin enjoys climbing with a little dose of snowboarding in the winter.

  • Multispectral & thermal imaging with UAV
  • UAV systems and sensors
  • Mechatronics MSc "Deep Learning Based Stereo Depth Estimation with Application to Laser Microsugery", 2018

    Leibniz Universität Hannover

  • Mechatronics BSc "Automatic Parameter Selection for a Biomimetic Adaptive Controller vis Reinforcement Learning", 2015

    Leibniz Universität Hannover