John D. Marshall

John D. Marshall

Main partner at temperate research site Rosinedal, Sweden

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Trees and forests are like icebergs, where the part you can see is far less than the sum of everything that’s going on. And as with an iceberg, the part you can’t see can be important. John works with measurements of processes that are largely invisible, like photosynthesis and transpiration, but can be measured and can tell us important things about a forest will respond to something like fertilization or climate change. The tools we use measure these invisible processes and help us to build budgets for carbon and water, which allow us to explain and predict forest responses to change.

Matthias on John: “John is a man who knows more than anybody I ever met before about plants and particularly trees. It’s pure fun to talk about science with him, as he is a person who really tries to understand every little detail of processes. John is also a great travel buddy and has many stories to tell – which never gets boring!”