Christian Birkel

Christian Birkel

Main project partner for methodolgical development in Costa Rica.

Escuela de Geografia, Universidad de Costa Rica

Christian’s research broadly focuses on catchment hydrology and the measurement and modelling of streamflow generation and biogeochemical processes. His basic aim is to better understand catchment functioning and the great variability of hydrological behaviours across different temporal and spatial scales. Insights from his research can be applied to assess the impacts of stream regulation and environmental change on the quality and quantity of surface waters.

Matthias on Christian: “Christian is such a great guy and was immediately open when I approached him with the somehow ‘strange’ idea of studying deep roots in Costa Rica. Being an excellent research, Christian still manages to live and transmit ‘Pura Vida’ attitude. Besides, Christian loves surfing as much as I do and one day – hopefully – we’ll finally manage to paddle out together!”

  • PhD “Integrating high-resolution tracer data into lumped conceptual rainfall-runoff models", 2011

    University of Aberdeen, Scotland

  • MSc "Temporal and spatial variability of hydrological drought in Costa Rica and the relationship to atmospheric circulation", 2005

    University of Freiburg, Germany