About us

Intro [Matthias Beyer] Academia is tough. In times where many are abandoning their scientific career because of the lack of opportunities or frustration about endless time-limited contracts, many have recognized that changes in the system are urgently required. But how is the system gonna change, if we don’t change? Research should be part of life, but not the center of life. Work should be fun, not pure pressure, stress and frustration. Isodrones is a research group on their pursuit of happiness, with novel and innovative research being one important part. Our philosophy is that we are humans, and not research machines, and as PI and group leader, my job is to form personalities with values as well. This is what we try to do.

We are an interdisciplinary group of young eco- & tech-scientists involved in different research projects. Our home base is the TU Braunschweig but for our field experiments we swarm out around the world. Our research revolves around water fluxes in diverse ecosystems. We follow the water drop from the atmosphere through soils to groundwater and through trees back to the atmosphere. To do this, we apply and further develop water stable isotope and UAV/drone based approaches.


Core Team


Matthias Beyer

Research Group Leader at TUBS, Fellow of the Volkswagen Foundation, Boardsports-fanatic


Malkin Gerchow

Adding the ‘drones’ to ‘Isodrones’, solving the mystery of deep roots with the latest drone tech.


Kathrin Kühnhammer

Resolve short-term dynamics of plant water uptake in repsonse to varying environmentral conditions.


Alberto Iraheta

Studies groundwater recharge using in situ water isotope methods



Maren Dubbert

Mentor of ‘Isodrones’


Christian Birkel

Main project partner for methodolgical development in Costa Rica.


John D. Marshall

Main partner at temperate research site Rosinedal, Sweden


Christoph Nick

Isodrones creative director, Runs c-studios – media creation. Background in Multimedia Design & Documentary Filmmaking.



Elise Malsch-Fröhlich

Water vapor sampling from soils and plants for water isotope analysis.


Jan-Helgo Jägemann

UAV-based analysis of forest water relationships


Mareike Lacina

Managing our isolab with bravour



The offical isodrone mascot.