Isodrones Project

A research initiative dedicated to developing novel and innovative methods to investigate different aspects of the water cycle.

Recent Posts

A guest blog from John D. Marshall

John visited Isodrones as sort of a ‘Mentor’ in 2019 in Costa Rica. For me (Matthias), John really is an important scientific anchor and yes, I would call him a Mentor as well.

New Project Scientific Communication

The image of the boring scientist sitting in his laboratory, his best friend the lab rat, or behind his computer 15 h/day sticks to many people and many documentaries have somewhat manifested this perception of scientists to the public.

What have Isodrones been up to lately?

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our planned big 2020 campaign to Costa Rica, where we wanted to collect another set of longer-term in situ soil/plant/atmosphere water isotope data and accompany this with high-res birds-eye data from our newly developed drones (see below).

Borehole Equilibration Paper Out

Monitor water isotopic composition of xylem directly inside trees?!!! Our main working horse on the ground got finally published, the Stem Borehole Equilibration Method. Its journey started in April 2018 in Sweden, went to Freiburg, Germany in 2019 (see related blog posts), to Costa Rica and Arizona in 2020.

A Scientists Mind #2

San Jose, Costa Rica, February 2019. We rented a house in Curridabat, a generally safe area of the city in preparation for our three-month campaign to the ‘Estacion Experimental Forestal Horizontes’.